What’s the purpose of living?
When each day, we’re grieving
Early to work, money to make
This is what we are willing
Day in, Day out to do to make a killing
Yet, in all this our dealing
We end with the same feeling
Unsatisfied, yearning for more
We need some more winning
Is this all there is?

If so, why feel not at ease?
Emptiness that none can please
Nothingness, only dreams
Wondering, mind not at peace
Struggling, to fill each and every piece
Wealth, health, happiness, all to increase
Success, that none can seize
Is it all about these?
Things, purpose we have leased
Is this all there is?

Yes, this is all there is
Wealth, a man needs to increase
Health, a man needs to be at ease
Happiness, for one to have some peace
Wealth, health, happiness
Things that man needs to get pleased
This, is all there is


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