I walk my head down, my face to hide from the world

I can’t bare its gauging eyes, for before it, I’m worthless

Alone, far away I walk, my mouth shut, from me not a word

Nobody cares, nobody dares to associate with all this “madness”


How I got here that I know, will I ever get out, that I don’t know

I didn’t choose this life, but fate forced it upon me

The pain and agony I go through, only the sun and moon knows about

I know no happiness, I know no love, I know no hope, I know I know nothing


My mind, my heart, my soul, are all tormented

My clothes, my food, my life are all tainted

Not worthy of a roof, not worthy of anything good

An animal before the world, rummaging pits, not worthy of any livelihood


What did I ever do, for He to deny me his Grace

Was it His plan, His will, my fate to fill with agony and disgrace?

Is this what He created me for, pain, suffering and contempt to face?

My life, to lack sense, purpose, worthless before this world that forsakes me


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